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Who is Vintage Rings and Tings?

My name is Simon and am based in Lantzville on Vancouver Island, i have been making windchimes and jewelry from repurposed materials and started west coast chimes in 2012 and custom Canadian coin rings in 2016, I have now combined the two into VINTAGE RINGS AND TINGS.


Love working with old flatware and coins that have been kept in cupboard and draws (sometimes for decades), turning them into  beautiful, wearable items that can be enjoyed and have some history. History you can wear!

I take great pride in producing the very best of what I make, choosing the best (and unusual) materials to work with and go the extra mile in finishing my products with  in a crystalline coating, giving a glass like feel, preventing tarnishing and

no need for polishing!

if you have any Family Silverware that is no longer being used, I would be delighted to make you and family members something from the set.

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